Anita Goodesign Embroidery Designs Cd Dragonflies 2

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The Dragonflies 2 collection is filled with a variety of colorful designs. First we designed a group of jumbo appliqué dragonflies. We created the 10 different dragonflies using a kaleidoscope of colors; each dragonfly is digitized differently for a unique look. The jumbo applique designs are for the 6’x10′ and 7’x12′ hoop. We then created 12, 5’x7′ stitched dragonflies. There are also 4 large scenes as well as over a dozen complimentary design elements. The last of the designs we created were large swirls. You are probably wondering why all of the different designs and sizes? We created a landscape quilt using all of the different dragonflies, background elements and swirls. The project came out great and if you’ve never created a landscape quilt before, this is a great, way to try it. We also embroidered a ladies white blouse using one of the larger scenes and then added colorful buttons to jazz it up even more!



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