DIY 5D Diamond Painting Embroidery Kit – Pure White Peacocks

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Striking white peacocks against a backdrop of red and pink roses! Packed with brilliant round diamonds & crystal white SPECIAL 3D JEWELS. Detailed specificationsPicture Size: 60 x 120cm (24 x 48 in)Coverage: Full DrillDiamond style: Brilliant RoundSpecial 3D Jewels: YES💎What’s in the premium tool set?💎- Stainless steel tweezers – Are you a perfectionist? Stainless Steel tweezers have much firmer grip, allowing you to more easily make adjustments to ensure every diamond fits snugly in place.- Extra large white tray – Much more space to store your diamonds compared to the standard green tray. Comes with a funnel neck so you can easily pour leftover diamonds back into its bag or a separate container- Cushy purple grip – Prone to long hours? This lovely purple pen grip will ensure maximum comfort during your marathon sessions on a sizeable painting. Why purchase from us?We have been helping suppliers find customers for this hobby for over 4 years. As Diamond Paintings become increasingly more popular, we always felt some things can be greatly improved. If this isn’t your first foray into the hobby, you may have poor experiences with crushed boxes, creased and folded canvases, frequently missing diamonds and even blurry or ineligible symbols. For this craft to hit new heights, we believe that something needs to change.100% lifetime risk free money back guaranteeWe have full confidence that our brand is superior quality compared to everyone else. If it isn’t, or if for any reason you aren’t satisfied – we’ll return your money and let you keep your product, completely hassle free. Simply hit ‘Contact seller’ and send us a message.Welcome to your upgraded diamond painting experience!



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