Yarn Bras Yarn Sleeves Best Darn Yarn Tenders 36 SM White 36 Mixed Colors LG bdyt 28

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Size:36 SM 36 LG  |  Color:White SM Mixed LG Tenders keep skein/ball intact 1st pull to last. Photos show configuration options. #5 is skein after finding end & then beg ball winding, #3/4 is wound balls in tender w/remainder of intact skein – how-tos below. NEW SKEIN ISSUES: center pull end is nowhere in sight? (or a mfgr tangled clump beg at live end?) A TANGLE IS NOT A KNOT! … you can: pull the clump from the middle (using your fingers as pincers), then find the beginning within it, then insert the skein as well as the pulled clump into the “Tender”. If there is not enough length to the tender to do this, simply ‘gang’ on another tender to the existing tender & begin knitting. KNITTING FOR A WHILE AND THE LIVE YARN SEEMS TO BE STUCK IN THE SKEIN: insert your pincer fingers and pull out as small a clump as possible just where you feel the yarn is stuck. Try to keep the clump intact, gently remove the tangle. Then you can either insert it back into the tender or ‘gang’ another tender for it. If there is so much yarn vomit that you need to wind it into a ball within itself, wind a center pull and then put ctr pull ball ahead of skein in the tender or gang 2nd tender if needed & resume. Holds SKEINS or BALLS up to 1-lb. Photo #1 is 8 oz, #2 is 16 oz Soft and pliable. If you need more length on the “Tender”, just gang two; that is, use 2 tenders– meet & overlap in the middle. This and more information about using the tenders is available as a free download at SkerinKnittingandCrochet on the web. Seller is a nationally awarded prof. designer; also see tutorials & patts on web.



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